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Strike Fitness was founded by 5 time Muay Thai Champion Amber Pope, her ridiculously brilliant brother-in-law Ben Hudson and her younger sister Tia Hudson.

They built Strike upon the premise that any individual can be a member of their programs, whether you are a beginner or advanced in your fitness journey. All members can learn the same fundamentals and will grow, learn and support each other through the family environment they have cultivated at Strike. 

Here at Strike Fitness we support our community by offering different training platforms to help build our resident’s mental, physical, and spiritual self. Our programs promote teamwork, self-confidence, commitment and healthy lifestyles while having fun and enjoying each other’s support and motivation.

Any individual looking for a new way of staying fit, need a family bonding experience, has a desire to learn self-defense, or wants to push their athletic talent to the next level, come try out one of our many classes!

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